Day: January 20, 2021

20 Jan by dekita

Rock Breaker Basics

A rock breaker is a heavy-duty machine designed primarily to break large loose rocks, such as reducing large, solid rocks into more manageable pieces. They are most commonly used in the mining sector to remove large oversize rocks or just too difficult to reduce in size by a standard crusher. These machines are very useful for any area where rock formation is either abundant or unpredictable, or where the natural Rocks have sharp edges that a normal flat rock scraper cannot penetrate. They can also be utilized in demolition projects, helping to break down large old buildings that would be unsafe without the help of demolition experts.

Rock Breaker Basics

Rock breaker excavators come in two varieties; a drum like construction, and a hydraulic system. The drum like excavator has a container in front of it with a series of rock hods at various levels. As the excavator rolls over the surface, it uses the hydraulic system to push or pull on the hods, which pushes or pulls the rock out of the way. This is opposed to a standard, mechanical excavator, which has a cranking mechanism that is used to move the drum instead of lifting or pushing the rock. Hydraulic excavators also tend to be less expensive to operate and maintain than drum excavators. Using a hydraulic system to excavate will cost you slightly more to purchase and install, however it will save you time and money because it cuts down on your excavation time.

In the past, the only option for rock and quarrying workers was to purchase and use a variety of manual labor-intensive equipment that was custom made for the job. Advances in technology have recently allowed rock and quarrying companies to make use of new machinery designs that include rock breakers. Modern hydraulic breakers have many advantages over old, manual counterparts. For instance, hydraulic breakers are quieter, smoother, and much easier to use than ever before. These new machinery pieces will make your excavation job quick, easy, and more efficient than ever before.