Beekeeping Course in Auckland

15 Nov by dekita

Beekeeping Course in Auckland

beekeeping course auckland

The first beekeeping course in Auckland will introduce you to the various components that make up a beehive, and give you the basics on how to care for your beehives. After completing the course you will learn the basics on how to harvest honey bees effectively, how to isolate infected cells, and the importance of keeping the hive clean. The next part of the course will focus on harvesting bees. This requires some time away from the hive, so it is best advised you arrange a quiet place for this part of the course.

How to Do Beekeeping Course in Auckland

The third beekeeping course Auckland will give you an in depth look at some of the different types of beehives available locally. You will learn the benefits of using kiwimana versus kumara for honey bees, and also how to differentiate between the two. The course also looks at how to use the best beekeeping equipment for your specific needs. Some of the equipment you will be introduced too include a smoker, a brush, a feeder, a smoker pad, a smoker box, as well as a smoker comb.

The forth beekeeping course in Auckland will give you the chance to take on one of two main challenges – swarming and queen bees. Swarms are a common problem within beekeeping and usually occur when there are a lot of inexperienced beekeepers working together. When you are working with a large colony it becomes difficult to determine which bees are actually carrying the deadly yellow mite, and robbing bees are more likely to attack the honey bees. The good thing about the fourth course in beekeeping in Auckland is that it takes place at your own personal backyard so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of transporting any bees or queen bees.

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