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30 Mar by dekita

CDIA Retention rate Slumps to New Low

It seems like every week there is another story in the local press quoting one of the many Advisors Alliance Group Singapore members who are quitting their jobs, citing sick pay and lack of working hours as the reasons. Some have been in their jobs for years, while others seem to have barely kept their jobs during the tough times. The reality is that many of the jobs being lost are at Advisors Alliance Group’s expense. The group is doing a disservice to the Singapore market by allowing these advisors to leave when they are hurting and not providing a solution for the problems they are leaving behind.

Its Successful Partnership With the Government

As the economy gets better and unemployment continues to drop, it will be interesting to see where the Advisors Alliance Group goes from here. One thing is for sure, they need to find a way to attract more experience and skill through programs and seminars to ensure that they can stay relevant in the industry they are in. Programs such as these help to retain people with skills and knowledge that can help the business grow, and many times those are the individuals that are willing to retire and move on to greener pastures. But without attracting the right people to take their place, these retirement communities won’t accomplish much. This is exactly what is happening with the CDIA, and while they have seen a steady decline in membership over the last few years, the fact is that they do continue to be a strong presence in the Singapore economy.

In the meantime, the other industries that are feeling the crunch in this economy need to rely on the expertise of the advisors. There isn’t going to be any turning back time until the world realizes how important these services are and begin to embrace them accordingly. And if one industry isn’t ready to embrace these services, then maybe the rest of them will be next. The industry will certainly take notice of how important advisors are in a slow economy.

1 Jan by dekita

Qualifications Needed For Successful Operation of the Board of Directors

The chairman of the supervisory board is an individual who has served for many years on the management and supervisory board of a corporation, often as the president or a director. These individuals are often elected or appointed by the board of directors with the support of other shareholders. Many times these individuals have also served as either the president or a director in one or more corporations. If the individual has been a very effective leader at the helm level of any corporation then they may have an excellent skill set to serve as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Take a look

The chairman makes important decisions concerning its future

One skill that can be a great asset in being the chairman of the supervisory board is having an ability to make sound decisions with regard to the business operations of a company. Many boards of directors of corporations are not skilled in this area and need to have an individual come in and serve as their temporary director until they are able to find an experienced and qualified individual to fill this role. One way to accomplish this is to have an individual to serve as the interim director until such a time arises where a permanent director can be elected and confirmed. It is also important that the interim director be highly qualified and have extensive business experience. The permanent representative should have an extensive amount of business experience as well so that he or she can be considered for the permanent position once an opening becomes available.


The most important skill that a potential candidate should possess is an ability to lead. A good lead director must understand how to work with senior management and effectively make decisions concerning day to day business operations. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board will also need to be able to communicate effectively with all members of the corporation and show leadership qualities that can be used as a permanent representative of the company. The ability to use the skills and abilities of the business owner as an interim director is an ideal opportunity for the owner to gain experience in leadership and managerial positions.