How to Get Hired As a Romanian Worker in France

22 Jan by dekita

How to Get Hired As a Romanian Worker in France

The French government is considering tightening rules for Romanian workers. It recently passed an ordinance banning employers from doing pre-employment checks on them. But how do they get hired? How can you make sure you are vetted for a job in France? Here are some ways. First, contact a recruitment agency. If you’re looking to work abroad, you can choose ERA. They have offices in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East. The company specialises in providing high quality international manpower for the hospitality and catering sectors. ERA’s experts are experienced in finding jobs for workers who are interested in working in France. Click here –

What Is How To Get Hired As A Romanian Worker In France Really All About?

The criminal network provided irregular migrants with fake driving licences and identity cards while keeping their real passports as collateral. The majority of smuggled individuals had low levels of education, making them prone to exploitation. They were hired for a low wage – around 60 euros per week. The criminal group also involved large construction companies. It’s worth noting that the illegal profits were substantial. The suspects laundered their assets through eight different shell companies, most of which are located in France.

The first Romanians to register in France were wealthy students, and they mostly studied science and physics. They were a valuable resource for French actors, but most of them returned home after finishing their studies. Some of these Romanians were even sent to France as soldiers during World War I. In 1916, the Kingdom of Roumania joined the Allies, and the troops in France were made up of Romanian nationals.

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