How to Pass Your Driving Test With a Class 2 License

11 Nov by dekita

How to Pass Your Driving Test With a Class 2 License

There are some things you should know before applying for your class 2 license NZ and this article will tell you about those things. First you need to be aware that all countries require that all their drivers hold a complete class 1 licence, and that includes New Zealand.

class 2 licence nz

Class 2 License NZ

There are two ways to get around this, and one is through a written exam and another is through a practical test. The exam for a full class 3 learner’s permit is just the same as the written exam for a complete class 1 permit and so you should hold a complete class 3 licence for at least six months, including any time you are on probation for another type of driver’s license or in school. If you have not held a complete class 3 permit before then you will need to hold one for at least two years before you can apply for your first class 3 permit.

There are two ways to get your first NZ driving licence and one way you can do it is by having the written exam or by taking a practical test. If you decide on the written exam then you should be prepared to spend a lot of time studying to pass this exam. It is important that you have your own proof of education and experience and that you have had adequate driving lessons in New Zealand and overseas, and that you have completed the requirements for your chosen class of license.

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