Social Entreprenur

8 Feb by dekita

Social Entreprenur

Craig Kielburger is the founder of the WE Charity, an organization that raises money for organizations that work to protect children in developing countries. He was born in Thornhill, Ontario, and graduated from Trinity College at the University of Toronto. He also completed the dual-school Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA program. Now, he’s taking his social entrepreneurship to a whole new level, launching initiatives in Africa and the Middle East.

Social Entreprenur – Craig Kielburger

A passionate entrepreneur, Craig Kielburger started his mission at age twelve. After his law degree, he focused his efforts on education and human rights. He started a school in India and received letters from various human rights organizations, inspiring him to continue his work. He planned a seven-week trip to India, Pakistan, and Nepal. During his travels, he also visited Thailand and Bangladesh, gaining valuable knowledge and inspiration to improve the world.

As a child, Kielburger was particularly moved by the plight of the orphans in Africa. He travelled to the continent and met with children and human rights organizations. He later wrote Free the Children, a book that describes the work he and Kevin Major did. In the book, they describe meeting Jean Chretien, who urged them to include child labour in their trade agenda. During this time, he pressured North American companies to stop trading with exploitation of children. They even met Mother Theresa, a devoted Christian who lived in a hut in rural Kenya.

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