Van Enclosures For Utes

2 Jun by dekita

Van Enclosures For Utes

If you own a Ute or are planning to purchase one then it’s time to start looking at ute trays newcastle. ” Dutch Engineering specialises in making & providing vanities, canopies, roll-up trays, parts & accessories for the Ute; tippers, semi-trucks, lorries and marine applications. Since starting in 1987, we have been innovating and making our clients’ products better to make them more user friendly. As the largest seller to the trades within Newcastle, Australia; we ensure a high standard for our products from manufacturing to packaging. Our products are designed to suit, so whether you need a van enclosure or enclosed trailer for your Ute, we can help.

How to choose Van Enclosures For Utes?

ute trays newcastle


All our trays are factory built to stringent guidelines, so there is nothing to worry about. We are also proud to state that all of our products pass Australian Safety & Quality Standards. We take our commitment to quality very seriously, and these are just some of the reasons why Dutch Engineering trays are so popular:

So when you have finally purchased your van, be sure to look after it properly. The perfect way to keep a Ute working for many years is to protect it with a van enclosure. Many people buy their vehicles and then go and buy a new roof or van. It can be quite expensive to do this and if you take care of your Ute now, it will save you money and time later on, giving you the peace of mind that you need to ensure years of trouble free usage of your Ute.

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