What Does it Take to Become an Optometrist?

5 Aug by dekita

What Does it Take to Become an Optometrist?

An optometrist is a person who gives a specialized service related to vision or the eyes. It is any health care worker involved in vision care, from a physician with a minimum of formal post-graduate training to practitioners with either a doctoral degree of higher education or a doctorate level of study. Optometrists are also called upon to give medical advice in cases of eye diseases and injuries. They perform routine eye examinations like eye exams for basic information like depth of field, color vision and ability to focus on close subjects.


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After completing the required number of hours prescribed by their states’ board of optometry, optometrists can now enroll in an accredited optometry school of any kind. The optometry school will prepare them for an approved optometrist residency program, which may last from two to four years. During this period, optometrists can choose to participate in a specific medical school affiliated to an organization that has an optometry department. In this case, the optometrist would be an associate to that faculty rather than being an independent optometrist practicing independently.

After completing the optometry residency program, the optometrist can practice independently as an optometrist and take continuing education exams to keep his or her license current. However, most states require an optometrist to be licensed before he can practice. In some cases, the state board will have to approve the resident’s examination before he can legally treat patients and conduct eye exams.

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